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PROFILE is a customs risk management project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 program. PROFILE solutions will help customs to target and control high-risk cross-border movements more accurately and effectively. These solutions are expected to upgrade customs’ data analytics capabilities and to redefine the way how customs use information to identify risks.

The PROFILE solutions build on machine learning, graph-based analytics, and natural language processing technologies. Thanks to PROFILE, customs practitioners will be more able to collect and organize unstructured data, mine large datasets, make better use of control feedback and inspection outcomes, and visualize complex datasets. 

PROFILE also experiments with new data sources that could prove useful for customs risk assessment purposes in the future. Promising new data sources include various industry platforms, private reference databases, movement tracking services, and the open internet. PROFILE analyses whether these new sources of information can provide customs risk-relevant data on international traders, transactions, and movements of goods. 

PROFILE strengthens cooperation and data exchange among customs and other competent authorities. PROFILE enables systematic customs-to-customs sharing of risk-relevant information through the EU-wide PROFILE Risk Data Sharing Architecture.

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PROFILE technical work is structured around four Living Labs that test customs innovations in real-world operational settings. The package ‘Technical and conceptual support and consolidation’ lays the technical basis for the PROFILE Living Labs and later synthesis of Living Lab outcomes.


PROFILE has several cross-cutting themes. Check them out here


PROFILE brings together 14 partners from eight countries across Europe


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